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Oh, we give thanks for this precious day,
For all gathered here, and those far away;
For this time we share with love and care,
Oh, we give thanks for this precious day.

“We Give Thanks” by Wendy Luella Perkins

Today is Thanksgiving Day in the United States. It is a day when we traditionally gather with our family and friends to be thankful for what we have in our lives. Last year, I was the only one awake at my home in the morning, and I decided to make a gratitude list. I started with A, thinking of things I was grateful for that began with the letter A, then B, C, etc. I hadn't gotten too far into the alphabet and a feeling of warmth started to pervade my spirit.

Here is an updated version of that list, with people's names blanked for anonymity.

A* – my beloved wife, who loves me and puts up with my foibles.
Breath – the inspiration that replenishes my body and soul.
Computers – that provide me both vocation and diversion.
Dentistry – without which I would have no functional teeth.
E* – my vivacious, inquisitive daughter.
Facebook – keeping me in touch with distant friends.
Grandparents – long gone physically, but still right there in my memories.
Health – still good, despite the aches and pains inherent in aging.
Inquisitiveness – keeping me interested and engaged in the world.
J* – my sister, who is closer in adulthood than we ever were as children.
Knowledge – helping me to live in right relationship with people and this earth.
Love – which increases as I give it away.
M* – my mother, who gave me life and taught me to live in the world.
N* – my amazing son, who continues to push his own boundaries and dreams.
Owls – they add mystery to the night. I recently heard one at 3AM from my bedroom.
Poetry – especially that of my brother, M*, who demonstrates strength in adversity by his example.
Questions – may I always have them!
Recovery – my path to continued growth and serenity.
Serenity – the ability to stay calm in the midst of life’s storms.
Three – reminding me that it’s not all black and white, yes and no.
Unitarian Universalism – a community that supports me in my spiritual questing and questioning.
Vision – bringing the colors and beauty of the world to me.
W* – my father, who is a rock of my life, and taught me so much.
X-rays – helping to diagnose my body’s failings.
Yesterday – reminding me that acceptance is the answer to my problems today.
Z – reminding me to be grateful for what I have today, because all things eventually come to an end.

A meditation for November 28, 2013.

Earth, Wind & Fire — Gratitude

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  1. Ruth G says:

    Thanks for this inspiring gratitude list.

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