Goodbye from Kelli and Swetha

Dear Listeners,

Recently, you might have received the news that we, Kelli & Swetha, have left the podcast.  This is true, and in the interest of closure we wanted to personally and formally say good bye to all of our listeners.  

The decision we made to leave was not an easy one and involved a lot of deliberating with our respective Sponsors. Without going into too much detail in order to respect the anonymity for all involved, we came to this conclusion to leave for our own serenity and our own recovery. We felt that it was important for us to do what we say to our listeners every week – prioritize our serenity over everything else.
We wanted to let you know that we have really appreciated your support, in whatever form you chose to give it. You've helped us in our spiritual growth so much and we will miss all of you.

Thank you for all of your love and support!


Kelli & Swetha

17 comments on “Goodbye from Kelli and Swetha

  1. Scotty B says:

    I want to thank-you both for all your experience, strength, hope and courage you shared with me from the last year. So many hours that would have been spent in THAT neighborhood in my mind, were diverted to positive learning’s as I listened to each podcast. Regardless of the length, each show was packed full of wisdom, recovery and tools for me to use. Both of you show knowledge far beyond your time in program. I had to remind myself time and time again that these were not Old-Timers speaking to me, yet there was so much value. The willingness that each of you shows is inspiring and lets me know that Ann Arbor has some serious, solid program. These are not one-offs either. I will listen repeatedly (as I have been doing) and I keep hearing new ways to apply to situations with each re-playing.

    Forgive the old guy reference, but it’s like the Eagles of recovery breaking up. I know lots of good solo albums came out of that split, but I still feel sad and will miss you both. This will be the standard set for all future Recovery Shows. Swetha, you guys took it to the next level. May your individual programs progress daily and you each find love, peace, joy and Serenity (if that is your HP’s will :). Take care, Kelli & Swetha.

    Scotty B

  2. Rachel G. says:

    Kelli and Swetha,
    Thank you for saying goodbye. You may not know us but we know you both. This is like saying goodbye to friends and is a loss. Yet, serenity is a priority and I wish you both the best!
    With luv,
    Rachel G.

  3. Laura says:

    I am thankful for the time you commited to The Recovery Show. I have been listening for the last nine months or so. The show is better than most of the meetings I attend. I have learned a lot and have loved hearing both Swetha and Kelli. I just want you to know how much your ESH has meant to many. You will be greatly missed. I trust the decision is nessecary for your serenity. I am glad you sent an email good bye as your departure seem so abrupt, some closure feels much better.

    Thank you!

  4. Ruth says:

    I could just agree to most what Scotty have said.

    Thank you for what you have done in the past and thank you for saying good bye. It is the best to focus on the good we have/had and still have and beeing gratful for that. I am!

    And of cause I trust everybody concerned that he/she was doing the best they can do. But sometimes things turn not out as we have planed or intended them to be.

    I remember when in the past episodes one of the permamnent hosts were not there, my first thought was, damn I will miss what she/he would have to say. But I allways loved what the guest host had to say too and I wished to hear them again. Best, all of them, best 10 people in an 10 hour podcast, every day 😉 This may be a matter of never having enough, looking for fullfillment outside myself. It is so convenient to lay back and listen to you. Not having this 10h/day leaves time for me to do my footwork. Often things are good as they are, we shall just come be aware of that, even it is just another f*** growth opportunity.

    I don’t know if you have this saying english: if one door closes another opens. It doesn’t matter if you are the one who closes the door or if you just watch it to happen. Both may not feel comfortable.

    I keep you all in my prayers and send you my love.

  5. Karen says:

    Dear Kelli and Swetha,
    I only found your podcast less than a month ago and am listening to all the old podcasts. I can’t tell you how helpful they have been.
    When I logged onto the website to check the meditation, I was grieved to see the post that you are both leaving the show.
    You gave so much of yourselves in the podcasts that I feel like you are distant friends, like pen pals from the old days!

    I just want to thank you for all you have done for people all over the world that you will never meet, but who you have helped and encouraged.
    I also applaud your surrendered wills to your Higher Power’s plan. You began this project, and now you are letting it go because your time
    to do this in your life is done. A great lesson for us all. Wishing you both the very best, and hoping you will still be guest speakers so we
    can hear how you are both doing from time to time!

    Many thanks and blessings,

  6. Beth says:

    Dear Kelli and Swetha,

    Thank you, each of you, for opening your hearts and allowing us to see recovery working in your lives.
    What you shared was both moving and inspirational. Your honesty was stunning, and your shares went the full range from brazenly bold to tragically human – through it all I felt the deep kinship only possible in the rooms and I have grown from “knowing” you.

    You will be missed. You are loved. Go in peace to live a full rich life. Namaste Kelli. Namaste Swetha.

    I have found this to be true from experience:
    After a while you’ll discover that though you may not like all of us, you’ll love us in a very special way – the same way we already love you.

    We all already really do love all three of you guys, and begrudge you not one iota of energy spent focusing on yourself and doing what is right for you. Duh, that is the program in a nutshell right?

    All my best, with gratitude for all you have given us,

    PS I especially love Jonah as a guest host, eh hem, just sayin’ 🙂

  7. Karla says:

    Love you Kelli and Swetha 🙂 thank you also for all the healing laughter you shared, through laughter and knowing with such detail I am not the only one with the crazies and that there is hope, it sure helped to accept myself and keep going. Invaluable hours of your time, I also have and will continue to replay and replay and replay!

    Much gratitude, hope you keep in touch!
    hugs and peace

  8. Jean says:

    Dear Kelli and Swetha,

    Thank you so much for touching my life as deeply as you have. I have been in awe over how much courage it must have taken every week to share in such a personal way. You are both incredibly authentic and articulate, and have a talent for hitting the nail right on the head. Your wonderful insight and willingness to communicate has helped me untangle many of the twisted up knots inside, and helped me to feel not so alone. There is so much more recovery ahead! I wish you the very best. May you both be blessed in the way you have blessed so many others.

  9. Elee says:

    Kelli and Swetha,

    You both (among the other guest hosts and Spencer) have blessed me through The Recovery Show podcast each week during my runs in the woods. You have all helped me to not feel so alone on my journey of recovery. Kelli and Swetha, thank you for sharing your personal triumphs and challenges, both of which, have given me hope. Thank you for taking the time to say goodbye. I pray that many blessings will come your way on account of making your recovery a priority.

    With gratitude…

  10. Rick B says:

    You both have helped me so much with your sharing. I grew so much in the months I was listening to your show.

    The chemistry you had with Spencer was great – a fragile thing to be sure – but you all pulled it off.

    I can’t imagine what must be happening for realsies in your lives (darn I’m so curious!) but your explanation here was helpful, pointing to serenity, recovery, and reality.

    Thanks a heap for all you’ve done – and I wish you both the very best in your recovery – your careers – and your lives.

  11. dp says:

    Kelli & Swetha,
    Thank you for contributing to the podcast. Your courage and generosity (along with Spencer’s) literally gave me the courage to come back to the program after many years away. I’m glad the podcast will continue, your contribution was incredible…thank you for giving for the time you were able!
    Much love,
    dp in dc

  12. rubyred says:

    I love in that special way. ; )

  13. Barbara Seethoff says:

    doesn’t it feel great to do the hard thing at the right time! this is part of everyone’s recovery – hope to see you down the road in the Rooms. In the great North West or in the great North East. will save you a seat.

  14. Jen says:

    To the voices if the recovery show and the hearts that lead their way. I found your podcast about 3 months ago, just as I was losing all of the things that define me, all if the things that I counted on, did, trusted, honed, relied on, took for granted, protected myself with Succeeded with… You get the idea. I found you when I fount nothing I knew working. I found you when my son, my hope and light leaving for college and using and ‘hiding out from me’. I found you when my love and painstaking efforts to ‘just get it right and everyone will be ok’ were not holding true.
    Today, (because i listen in no particular order) I couldn’t believe what I heard – Keli and Swatha quit the show and Spencer sounded so sad. I can’t begin to describe the range of emotions racing thru me – my world took a huge huge hit this week and here you weren’t here for me. When you were.
    Spencer I am sorry you are sad, scared, and vulnerable – I am there with you. Swatha and Keli, thank you (grudgingly) for putting your oxygen masks on first.
    To all do the Recovery Show Podcast participants. You voices, experiences, shares, and determination are helping me find a way. Thank you. I had my 6th Al-Anon meeting and twice as many of your casts. Al-Anon changes the world. I am vulnerable, fragile, and anticipating my next step to this necessary voyage.

    1. Beth says:

      Dear Jen. Alanon does change the world sister, you said it. The disease is cunning and baffling but the program is STRONGER. Hang in there and keep coming back. It works if you work it, and you’re worth it! Sending love, Beth

  15. Brian423 says:

    I may be 18 months late, but I wanted to say what an amazing team Spencer, Kelli, and Swetha were and thank you for what you did. I have been listening to the show every opportunity I get for the last month and finally made it to “Changes.” It was hard to listen to, but that is a part of life too. I selfishly admit that I wish it could have gone on, but I have enough program in me now, thanks mostly to you guys, to understand why you need to prioritize self-care and your serenity. Just know that today and years from now, your work will live on. In fact, I recommended the podcast to someone in need today. Thank you for being brilliant, shining examples of recovery, and for motivating me to stop being present in the program and start working the program. Thank you always, and since I am finally starting to feel comfortable saying this to friends in recovery, Love you Guys!


  16. Cari says:

    I just want to send some love and light to all three of you.
    For the life of me I can’t remember HOW I found your podcast. I must have been searching podcasts for Al Anon stuff, but the funny thing is, I’m not a podcast kinda person… so I don’t know why I was searching.
    I’ve been listening like a woman on a mission =) ever since.
    I started from episode 1 and am working my way up. I did sneak and listen a few more recent ones and noticed there was no Kelli + Swetha so I wondered what happened.

    I want to thank each of the three of you for your time and sharing so much of yourselves in the podcast. Over the years I’ve learned (again and again) that I’m never alone. So I feel confident that when I say this, that I speak for others as well – you have helped me so much and I’m so grateful. I heard y’all read an email from a listener who called the podcast their ‘meeting in their pocket’. So true and what a gift!!!!!

    Thank you all and sending lots of love and gratitude to each of you.

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