Chaos – Episode 45

ChaosWhy do we (codependents) create chaos? Why do addicts create chaos? How do we find islands of serenity within chaos? You guessed it — today, we’re going to talk about chaos.

Spencer, Kelli and our guest Wendy share our experience, strength and hope as prompted by these questions.

What do we mean by “chaos”?
How has your life been chaotic? Before coming to the program? After coming to the program?
What is your reaction or response to chaos? Before the program? Now?
Why do we, as co-dependents, sometimes create chaos?
Why do the alcoholics and addicts create chaos?
What feelings does chaos elicit in you? How did it feel in the past?
How can we find serenity in the midst of chaos?
Which steps particularly apply / are helpful?
Which Al-Anon slogans and other tools can help?
Thoughts about living with chaos in the upcoming holidays?

Next week, we will be participating in a “movie review roundtable” with the Recovered podcast. We will watch, then review one of the movies Trainspotting or Days of Wine and Roses. Please call us at 734-707-8795 or email with your questions or experience, strength and hope. Or just leave a comment right here. We plan to start recording live at 4PM EDT (2000 GMT), Saturday October 12, 2013.

Music from the show

Chase and Status – Let You Go

The Raconteurs – Carolina Drama

Phish – Helter Skelter

(This video also includes Long, Long, Long and Revolution 1.)

Other Stuff

Spencer mentioned, a social media site for recovery.

The speaker that Spencer talked about (maybe a couple of times?) is Father Tom W. His talks titled “How to Have a Spiritual Experience” can be found at

If you listen to Recovered, you can nominate them for the Podcast Awards.


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