The 3 A’s – Awareness, Acceptance, Action – Episode 43

Do you think you have to fix something as soon as you become aware of it? Do you find yourself springing into action even before you know what the problem is? Is it difficult to know if you've fully accepted something as a cue to take action?  Join Spencer, Swetha, and Kelli as we talk about “the 3 A's”, which are awareness, acceptance, and action.

We try to address these questions in our discussion.

  • Briefly, what is your initial definition of the 3 A’s–how do they work for you?
  • Do you think it’s important to work the 3 A’s in the order they were written? Why?
  • Do the 3 A’s help to prevent you from taking “unnecessary” action?
  • Are there any other al-anon tools that, for you, get grouped into the 3 A’s (patience, pause button, meditation, staying in the moment, etc?)
  • Do the 3 A’s have anything to do with faith?
  • Is it possible to know exactly when you have reached acceptance and can move into action?

Mark, in the chat room, contributed a 4th “A”: anxiety. We are all in for the 4 A's: “Anxiety, Awareness, Acceptance, Action”.

Our topic for next week is setting boundaries without controlling. Please call us at 734-707-8795 or email with your questions or experience, strength and hope. Or just leave a comment right here.

Music from the show

Florence and the Machine: Rabbit Heart


Sia: The Fight


Death Cab for Cutie: You Are a Tourist


 Other Stuff

Spencer and Kelli talked about the new movie The Anonymous People. Check their website for a showing near you. Watch the trailer.

Beth recommended the book, 
Opening our Hearts, Transforming our Losses
book cover


She also wondered what happened to the song Hesitation Blues. Here's a performance by Hot Tuna.


Charlie recommended the song Shave Yo' Legs by Keb Mo


Loss and Grief

We had a couple of emails about loss and grief. We highly recommend checking out Episode 445 of our sister podcast Recovered. In this episode, Mark and Anna talk about the death of their older son from the disease of addiction, and how they are dealing with their grief and loss with the help of the program.

1 comment on “The 3 A’s – Awareness, Acceptance, Action – Episode 43

  1. Beth says:

    Spencer thanks a million for posting this most excellent video of Jorma, Jack, and Barry performing the hesitation blues. It really hit the spot. I also got so much out of the Recovered podcast on grief. I came away with some very good suggestions on how program tools can be there for me in my loss. By sharing their story Mark and Anna reinforced my heartfelt belief that none of us is alone anymore if we look to each other for encouragement. Spencer, Kelli, Swetha and guests, thank you so so much for this podcast!! Your service is truly appreciated. May you be repaid tenfold in your own growth as a result of the love you’ve shared. Peace.

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