Loss, Grief, and Recovery

Our sister podcast, Recovered, has a new episode up. Mark and his wife Anna talk openly and honestly about the death of their son Andrew to the disease of addiction in episode 445. They share how it has affected them, and how they are using their recovery programs to move through their grief and to find hope.

This is what Mark wrote as an introduction to the episode, which is well worth listening to.

On July 2, 2013 our oldest son died suddenly and our lives have been forever changed. Andrew struggled with addictions and mental illness for at least 12 years before he took his own life.

This podcast is one of hope.

Loss and grief will come to everyone. But we want to encourage you that 12 step groups can equip you with tools that can help you  to cope these disasters. You don't have to believe that these tools will work for you but you do have to believe that they are working for us most of the time, some of the time?

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