today I will not wait for a blue moon – a guest meditation by Ruth



Today I will not wait for a blue moon, a rainy day, the 366 day of the year, or Someday to accomplish good things in my life.

Courage to Change p.247

I’m living in a city with a harbor where this memorial stands. The plate says that is for the brave men who lost their life out there, on the oceans. But I identify with the woman it shows, the woman who embraces her knees, watching out, waiting, waiting maybe for something or someone who may never come back. Waiting while the time passes by, looking into the far distance not seeing what’s now, what’s next.

I excluded others and myself from my life for much too long time. It doesn’t help anybody when I isolate myself. In the meetings I learned that it doesn’t make a situation better when I take the entire guilt on me and feeling bad. I didn’t cause it and I can’t cure or control it. But I can change me and my life. Step by step. I can start with it today. I can do it now.

A meditation for September 24, 2013.


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