Step 9, Amends – Episode 40

appleJoin us as we discuss the power and potential of Step 9, which states “Made direct amends to such people wherever possible, except when to do so would injure them or others.”

Spencer, Kelli, and Swetha share their experience, strength, and hope with Step 9, guided and inspired by questions such as these:

Have you worked Step 9 yet? If so, give a brief explanation of your experience.
What are the different types of amends you are aware of (living, direct, etc).
Which have you practiced?
Can you describe an example of each?
If you have made direct amends, how did you do it? Where? When? What did you say? What did you not say?
How do you know which type of amends to give to each person on your Step 8 list? [Spencer: “… direct amends … wherever possible” seems pretty clear]
What is a self-amends?
Did you make an amends to yourself? If so, how?
Why is making an amends to yourself important?
Did you make an amends to your Higher Power? Why?
How do you know when you’re ready to give amends to someone?
What happens if you have someone on your list that you just don’t feel ready to make an amend to? Can you move on to Step 10 or do you have to “complete” Step 9 first?
How has making amends changed your life?
What is the difference between an amend and an apology?

Our topic for next week is vulnerability. Consider these questions, and tell us what you think. Do you fear that being vulnerable with your loved ones will be perceived as a sign of weakness? Do you tend to avoid discussing your own feelings? Do you try to cover up your flaws? Do you often take other people's inventory? Brené Brown says “vulnerability is our most accurate measure of courage”. What do you think about this? Do you gain trust when someone else is vulnerable?

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Music from the show

Hoobastank: The Reason


Mumsdollar: Making Amends


Mike & the Mechanics: The Living Years

Other Stuff

Jonathan sent in a music suggestion of Wharf Rat by the Grateful Dead


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