consequences – a meditation


You are free to choose, but you are not free from the consequence of your choice.

Being in the grips of indecision is not a foreign concept to me. I have often found myself in this situation. It was often not the fear of the choices, but rather a fear of the consequences. This fear, for me, was so great that I turned to others to tell me what to do – to make a choice for me. I simply did not trust myself to make the right choice. I thought by asking someone else, I would be safer because it would not be me that makes the choice.

I was wrong. I am always making choices. I can choose to follow someone else's advice. I can choose to not make a choice. And no one, no matter how hard I try, can make those choices for me. And by making these choices, I am able to grow and learn from my consequences. As a result, I was able to learn to trust myself. rather than judge myself as good or bad. Instead, I learned I was human, just like everyone else.

A meditation for September 13, 2013.

Human – The Killers

1 comment on “consequences – a meditation

  1. spencer says:

    This one is tricky for me. When I reach out for help making a choice, am I doing it to avoid the responsiblity? Or am I asking my higher power to help me understand his will?

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