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“Just for Today” — Al-Anon slogan

A recent meeting focused on the slogan, “Just for Today.” As is often the case, I heard something new in the lead and the shares that followed. I have always mixed up “Just for Today” and “One Day at a Time”, feeling that they said pretty much the same thing, just in different words. But, as I listened, I found a new meaning to “Just for Today”. The lead speaker read some “Just for Today …” quotes. One said “Just for Today I will try a new way of doing things.” And, right there, I heard something different from “One Day at a Time.” I heard that if I want to make a change in my life, I don't necessarily have to commit to do it forever. I can try it out, for one day, one hour, one week, and see if it fits me, if it improves my situation, my attitude, my mood, my connection to others and my Higher Power. Sometimes committing to change can be daunting, can seem like a huge job. If I can do it “Just for Today”, then it is easier to get started, and easier to continue (one day at a time).

A meditation for August 22, 2013.

Simon and Garfunkel: America

This is a song about change, about doing something new, maybe just for today, maybe for longer.

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  1. Karla E. says:

    I love this reflection, thank you 🙂 Just for today I will do something fun and receive my Hihger Power´s love and acceptance through that! hugs

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