gratitude – a meditation


Hardships prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny.

C.S. Lewis

I am afraid of so many things, but most of all, I am afraid to get involved in conflict and I am afraid to set boundaries. I am afraid that if I do, I will be proven wrong and that my boundaries are wrong and then I will be alone and rejected. However, today, I am grateful for the universe providing me a situation where I feel the need to do both in order to maintain my serenity.

This opportunity has taught me to prioritize my peace of mind, have patience, feel compassion, and understand that I have a right to be who I am. It has also taught me to be grateful for all the experiences that have come before this situation that has prepared me to take this step towards doing the next right thing.

So today, I am grateful  for my fears and additionally grateful that I can see my fears as opportunities that provide me with the tools I need for my soul to grow and prepare to be of highest good and service to my Higher Power and my fellow.

A meditation for August 27, 2013

Thank You – Alanis Morissette

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