sophrosyne – a meditation


sophrosyne – (n.) a healthy state of mind, characterized by self-control, moderation, and a deep awareness of one's true self, and resulting in true happiness.


I think this meditation is pretty self-explanatory, but the one thing I loved that I wanted to draw attention to about this is that it does not specify what each of these is. It doesn't say that in order to have a healthy state of mind, you have to a certain way, or anything else. This is something that I've noticed in my program of recovery, too. I am given 12 Steps, but the implementation of those Steps is up to me. I decide what a healthy state of mind means for me. And that can change from day to day. That can change from minute to minute. And I love that in leaving that portion of it open-ended, my program helps me to to learn to define who I am rather than tell me who I ought to be. For that I am eternally grateful.

A meditation for July 20, 2013.

What If It All Goes Right – Melissa Lawson*

*Thanks to Barbara for this song suggestion

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  1. Mark S. says:

    You are really good at sharing. Please keep it up.

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