truth– a meditation


“A bird sitting on a tree is never afraid the branch breaking because the trust is not in the branch but its own wings.”

I feel as though the first three Steps of the 12 Steps of my recovery program tell me just this. That I need no longer be afraid and look down and wonder if the “branch” under my feet is going to break, if the people in my life will fail me, if I will fail myself. I can realize that all of these things are outside of my control and not worry about them. As with the bird, my trust is no longer place in all of these fallible things. My trust is in a power greater than myself, a Higher Power of my own understanding. I realize also that when a bird sits on a branch and puts the trust in its wings, it does not wonder about the physics of flying, how wings work, or the aerodynamics of avian flight. It just trusts. In the same way, I put my trust in my Higher Power. I realize that if the “branch” stays under me, I will have a secure place to stand; and if it falls out from under me, something magical will happen and I will fly.

A meditation for June 29, 2013.

Must Be Dreaming – Frou Frou

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