Program in the workplace – Episode 30

How do you use your program in the workplace? Do you have a hard time setting boundaries at work? Do you find yourself staying late even though it affects your self-care? Can you deal effectively with your difficult co-workers?

Swetha, Kelli, and Mary share their experiences with these questions and others. Anne H. and Spencer also call in to share some of the ways in which they have used their program at work. They share specific problem situations from their workplaces, and talk about how they worked through them. Even when they weren't completely successful at using their program tools, they look back and say “I could have used this tool here”. Listen for some great examples of the program in action.

Our topic for next week is Step 7, “Humbly asked Him to remove our shortcomings”. Please call us at 734-707-8795 or email with your questions or experience, strength and hope. Or just leave a comment right here. Some questions to think about: What is humility? Does the step tell us anything about when our shortcomings will be removed? What are “shortcomings” anyway? How do we ask humbly?

Music from the show

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Links and other stuff

Ruth sent us a link to this German song, along with the lyrics and translation below.

Danke für jeden guten Morgen
Danke für diesen guten Morgen,
danke für jeden neuen Tag.
Danke, dass ich all meine Sorgen auf dich werfen mag.
Danke für alle guten Freunde,
danke, oh Herr, für jedermann.
Danke, wenn auch dem größten Feinde ich verzeihen kann.
Danke für meine Arbeitsstelle,
danke für jedes kleine Glück.
Danke für alles Frohe, Helle und für die Musik.
Danke für manche Traurigkeiten,
danke für jedes gute Wort.
Danke, dass deine Hand
mich leiten will an jedem Ort.
Danke, dass ich dein Wort verstehe,
danke, dass deinen Geist du gibst.
Danke, dass in der Fern und Nähe du die Menschen liebst.
Danke, dein Heil kennt keine Schranken,
danke, ich halt mich fest daran.
Danke, ach Herr, ich will dir danken,
dass ich danken kann.
Thank You for Every Good Morning
Thank you for this good morning
thank you for every new day.
Thank you, for letting me burden you with all my worries.
Thank you for all the good friends,
thank you Lord, for everyone.
Thank you, for me being able to forgive even my worst enemy.
Thank you for my place of work,
thank you for every little joy.
thank you for all the happiness, brightness and for the music.
Thank you for the occasional sadness,
thank you for every nice word.
Thank you for your hand,
willing to guide me to every were.
Thank you, for understanding your Word,
thank you, for giving your spirit.
Thank you, for loving people near and far.
Thank you, for your healing to have no
Thank you, I'm holding on to that.
Thank you, o Lord, I want to thank you,
to be able to express my gratitude.

Jessica wrote in to tell us about this video from Dr. Gabor Mate, who talks about addiction as a disease. We provide it here for your information.

Here's an old live video of BTO performing “Takin' Care of Business”, introduced by Keith Moon of The Who:


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