one Step at a time – a meditation


The difference between who you are and who you want to be is what you do.

If you should ask me what my flaws are, I can rattle off twenty or thirty with little thought involved. However, if you should ask my what my strengths are, it would be with great difficulty that I would be able to come up with three virtues that I feel I have. This is because I tend to have trouble with low self esteem.

Since working the 12 Steps, I have found, though, that my low self-esteem is really more that I take modesty to an extreme. I found it so interesting that I could take this flaw, and upon taking inventory of myself, realize that it was just a virtue that I had overdeveloped.

Without my program of recovery, this distance from flaws to my virtues seems insurmountable. I am easily disheartened and feel that I will never be the person I want to be, so why bother trying at all! But when I work my recovery program, go to meetings, and work with a Sponsor, the distance from who I am to who I want to be is only 12 Steps.

A meditation for June 05, 2013.

One Step At A Time – Jordin Sparks

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