teachers – a meditation


When the Student is ready, the Teacher will appear.

-Buddhist Proverb

I am not sure if this quote was meant to be interpreted in the way that I interpret it, but whenever I hear this quote, I think it means that when I am ready to be taught, my perspective will shift. Oftentimes, when my loved one behaves in a manner that I find uncomfortable, I see that person a “problem” or their behavior as a “problem.” But when I am working a good program, and focus on my part, I become a Student. And suddenly the situation or person that triggers this uncomfortable feelings in me is no longer a problem. Instead, that person is my Teacher for those moments. Hence, when I am ready to look at my part and engaging in behavior that will heal me spiritually, the Universe sends me a Teacher and I am given more opportunities to work through my pain or fear. All I need in order to be able to change is trust in my Higher Power and self-awareness, both of which I was able to be connected to through working the Steps, getting a Sponsor, and going to meetings.

A meditation for May 07, 2013.

Just Breathe – Telepopmuskic*


*Special thanks to Stacy M. for her song suggestions.

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