me too – a meditation


“Me, too.”

This is a quote that I yearned to hear my whole life. And it is something I truly heard in the meeting rooms of my Alanon home group(s).

Realizing that I am not alone in my struggles and in my pain, realizing that other understand and accept me, this was imperative and also was what kept me coming back during my first days of recovery when I truly did feel alone. But one meeting at a time, I heard this message more and more. And even moreso when I got Sponsor that I felt I could relate to. Once I realized I was not alone and that I was accepted by others gave me a foundation to seek out my Higher Power and begin to accept myself.

Interestingly, in the beginning, I used to listen for others to say “me, too” when I spoke. Now, having been in recovery, I listen for my heart to say “me, too” when I hear others speak. This is a gift of the program for me – I have been touched by the fellowship and am now able to offer my own experience, strength, and hope to others, and it is deeply spiritually fulfilling.

A meditation for May 2, 2013.

You Are Not Alone – Michael Jackson


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