focus – a meditation


Climb mountains, not so the world can see you, but so you can see the world.

The other day, a friend was being very critical and judgmental of me and disregarding my boundaries. At this moment, I was able to realize, rationally, that my friend's opinion is not in my hula hoop. I was able to be present by continuously chanting to myself “Let Go, and Let God. This is not my hula hoop.” At first, I did so resentfully. That is, I was doing the next right thing, but I was doing it out of ego. I was telling myself that the fact that I am reacting in this way makes me a better person than my friend.

But while I was chanting “Let go and let God, this is not my hula hoop,” something magical happened – despite my ego, I listened to myself. I realized that the point of my program is not to make me “better” or “worse” than someone else. Actually, my program is there to help me to stop focusing on others so that I can achieve serenity! Once I realized that, I was able to see my friend with compassion and love. I no longer felt the need for him to see my viewpoint or behavior as “correct” and his as “incorrect.” I was able to listen and accept his viewpoints while still being able to disagree with his thoughts. At that point, I realized that my reaction to my friend was no better or worse than my friend's behavior, it was just something that worked for me by helping me be more in touch with my Higher Power.

Once I “climbed [the] mountain” that is my ego, I was able to see my world through new eyes and be more present in my life. I realized that the trials (or mountains) that my Higher Power places before me are not placed there in order for me to show others “my correct way” but they are placed there to help me grow. If, in process, I am able to be of service to others by sharing my experience, strength, and hope, then that is a privilege that determined by my Higher Power – not an entitlement as determined by my ego. For this,  I am grateful.

A meditation for April 2, 2013.

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