“Easy does it.” What does this slogan say to you? Can you use it to make your life easier? Swetha, Spencer, and special guest Dayana talk about this slogan.

This slogan can remind us that complicated solutions are often forced, or that it’s time to pause and take it easy for a moment, to wait for an answer to come, or maybe that we just need to accept the way things are right now.

When is it helpful to remind ourselves that “Easy does it”? When a situation is unresolved, we may wish to do something, anything, to move out of that state. It may be better to just wait and see what comes.

Before we came to the program, we wanted an immediate solution every problem, that if we didn’t do something, it wouldn’t get done. “Easy does it” was not something we would even think of, then. We felt that we just needed to try harder. When that didn’t lead to a solution, we would get frustrated and angry.

Swetha struggled with steps 6 and 7, because she had to wait for her Higher Power to remove her shortcomings in his own time. “Easy does it” was what she needed to get through them, by reminding her to let go of the outcome, after asking him to do so. She has found that just asking, in itself, could be the “action” she sought. Dayana often reaches out to her higher power to help her let go of something that is outside her power to affect or change. This reminds Swetha of a quote, “God’s plans put Man’s best dreams to shame.” But still, we must do our parts. We ask God to give us the “courage to change the things we can”.

“Easy does it” can remind us to pause and explore other options. It can remind us to see what is actually in our control and what is not. Swetha, who was dogsitting for Spencer this weekend, kept trying to stop his dog from moping over his absence. She forgot to pause and to see that it was not in her power to do that. We move into a discussion of dish washing in a multi-person household, and how hard it is to let to and let the dish washer do the dishes in their own time and their own way. “Easy does it” can help in these situations.

Spencer and Dayana both have examples of using “Easy does it” in interacting with teen aged youth, and the successes that came from it.

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