sing – a meditation

sing joyously


It's a joy to sing, like the birds do.

David Byrne – How Music Works

One of the joys I have discovered in recovery is in singing. I've always loved music, but also never thought I could sing well. When I came into recovery, I also started going back to church. And, in church, we sing. I envied those around me who could carry a tune, and who could sing in tune. I sang quietly, so my out of tune voice wouldn't bother anyone. As I practiced, week after week, I started to find my voice. I discovered that I sang best in a different register than I had always tried to sing — my voice is not like Paul McCartney, it's more like Johnny Cash. The first time I got a compliment on my singing, I was elated, especially as it came from a woman who was in the choir. I continue to sing out in church, and sometimes will even sing a little for friends, which takes a lot of courage. Some day, I will sing just for the joy of it, like the birds do, and I won't care who might hear me.

A meditation for March 11, 2013.

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