Isolation – a meditation


The only way to release ourselves from the hold of these dark demons is to break the isolation and bring them into the light by sharing with others who understand.

…In All Our Affairs, p32

I find that when I feel sad or destitute, I instinctively want to to close myself off from the world. I immediately believe that I am alone. Until I came to the program, I thought it was because no one could understand me. Now, I know, that is the definition of shame. I felt that no one could forgive me because I was unworthy of forgiveness. I fell victims to the demons in my mind that whispered that if anyone should ever know the truth about me, that I will be shunned. Being in recovery, I now reach out to others at times like this because I know I am only as sick as my secrets. The moment I tell someone, it loses its power over me and I am able to enjoy stepping into the light and love of my fellows, my Higher Power, and myself!

A meditation for March 3, 2013.

Dance Into The Light –  Phil Collins

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