unity – a meditation





Our common welfare should come first; personal progress for the greatest number depends upon unity.

Al-Anon's Tradition 1



When I share my experience, strength, and hope in a meeting, I always remind myself to be guided by my Higher Power.  While I usually think that I am talking to aid my own recovery, or to share my own pain or joy; what is important is what another person might gain from my words. Our unity of purpose is to help others who have been affected by the diseases of alcoholism and addiction in their loved ones and to support each other in our recovery. Recently, a friend shared with me two experiences he had in meetings, where another person's sharing spoke directly to his own experience, to his own struggles, and helped him to find a small step towards serenity. One of those shares came from a new member at her first meeting. Our Higher Power can truly speak through anyone. Another friend relates having shared, then feeling like she had really said nothing important, until a member across the room said “Thank you, that's the first time today that I have laughed. Thank you for that.” I need to remember these and similar stories, and to know that God may choose to speak to someone else through me, whether I ever know it, or not.

A meditation for January 19, 2013.

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