to give, to have – a meditation



… we cease to give, we cease to have.
Such is the law of love.



The essence of our program is in giving of ourselves to each other. Step 12 states that we “tried to carry this message to others”. My experience is that when I am carrying the message, I am also receiving the message. Sometimes it is because I am reminded of where I came from, and how far I've come. Sometimes it is because I am forced to really think about how I understand and practice “these principles in all [my] affairs”. Whenever I share the message with others, the workings of the program in my life are strengthened and deepened. In doing so, I also pass on the love I have received, and receive love in return. But, if I close myself off, if I stop carrying the message, if I try to keep all my love within myself, then I will also stop receiving those benefits, and what I have will slowly wither and die. In order to keep it, I have to give it away.

A meditation for January 29, 2013.

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