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As our friend Mark announced in episode 391 of Recovered, we are still in the planning phase for the actual podcast. We'd love to hear from you. What would you like to hear and see in an “Al-Anon” themed podcast? Continue reading to learn how you can contribute.

We're starting with the idea that our format will be similar to that of Recovered. Each episode will have a topic, and we'll have a discussion among 2-4 people about that topic, each of us sharing our experience, strength, and hope. But beyond that, we're definitely open to ideas. Should we have a segment about “what's happening in our lives this week”? Should we have a segment looking at how the media treats Recovery topics, especially those relating to families and friends of alcoholics and addicts? As we've been looking at other podcasts, we see that many are 1 hour or longer. What is your opinion on length?

What should we have on the website? Spencer has been posting daily “meditations”, because he gets these things in his head and wants to share them. Also, because it gives you something new to see when you come here. We'd love to have your contributions to this feature.

We intend to post links to open Al-Anon speaker talks on a regular basis. If you have favorite talks that are available for us to link to, please let us know.

We're still working on the look and feel of the website. Let us know what works for you and what doesn't. What are other great sites and podcasts that we should be linking to?

You can leave comments right here, or you can send email to feedback@therecoveryshow.com.

Thank you,

The Recovery Show team.

1 comment on “Where we’re at

  1. Barbara Seethoff says:

    I would like a meeting on “My Al-Anon Birthday/Recovery Day/Serenity Day”

    also a meeting on the importance/value of face to face meetings

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