Powerlessness – Pilot episode 2

[Powerlessness over the sunrise]

Swetha leads a discussion of powerlessness. We talk about how we understood it (or didn't) before coming to the program and how we understand it now.  Each of us discusses situations in which we feel powerlessness and how we recognize it. Kelli says that sometimes recognizing powerlessness can give her power. How can that work? Listen and find out.

Next week's topic is “acceptance”. Due to our recording schedule, we won't be able to add your feedback into the episode, but please send us your thoughts and we'll use them in a later show. Please add a comment here, call and leave voice mail at 734-707-8795, or send email to feedback@therecoveryshow.com.

We are still working on the podcast format, and would love to hear your comments and suggestions about the show and the website. What would you like to hear and see?


This Spotify playlist includes the music from this episode.


2 comments on “Powerlessness – Pilot episode 2

  1. Denise says:

    After listening I come to realize what an incredible relief powerlessness can be, and should be welcomed as a gift from above relieving me from the burden of controlling people and situations. What a true gift of freedom this can be. Blessings.

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