Please, God, let me be small and useful.




Today, I had an extremely busy day filled with presentations and meetings where I was the point person. Instinctively, I felt myself get anxious and, alas, start to lose my serenity. Thankfully, because of my work with the program, I was able to recognize it early on. I realized that with all the work, I started feeling like I had to make everything go smoothly and I had to make sure everyone was doing what I thought they needed to do, etc. And so I stopped everything, stepped outside, and prayed to my Higher Power to help me be “small and useful.” When afraid, I, often, find myself growing a bit too big for my britches and trying to take on the role of other people's Higher Power – especially when I feel something is important. I try to control other people or enable others through my codependent behavior. In those cases, it helps me to take a moment to meditate on and to remember to honor my Higher Power's will by trying to be small and useful to those around me, rather than large and manipulative.

A meditation for December 10, 2012


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