What do we do here? – Episode 278

What is this podcast about? We’re not Al-Anon, exactly. What are we? I got a letter from a listener who asked some questions. It made me think that maybe it’s time (again?) to talk about what The Recovery Show is, and what it isn’t. Why did we create The Recovery Show? We had been sharing…

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Recovery with Young Children – Episode 243

How do you talk to your children about recovery? What have they asked you? Spencer talks with Megan about how she talks to her children about recovery. We are joined by shares from several listeners. Our conversation was wide-ranging, touching on topics from the list below. What questions have your children asked you about Alcoholism/addiction?…

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Face to face meetings, why are they important? – Episode 57

Have you ever wondered, “Why do I need to go to meetings? Can’t I just read the literature?” Today, Spencer and Wendy talk about Face to Face meetings and why they are important. Our discussion was guided by these questions: What resources have you used / do you use in your program? Meetings Reading Al-Anon…

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