Kindness and Courtesy – Episode 211

unityHow do kindness and courtesy help us live live more serenely and happily? Can we be kind to our alcoholic or addicted loved ones?

Eric and Spencer share their experiences of how kindness and courtesy work in their lives.

  • What is kindness?
  • What is courtesy?
  • Ways of being kind and courteous:
    • Smiling and saying “hi” to people I interact with in my daily life — bus driver, checkout person at the grocery store, co-workers.
    • Realizing that the person who cut me off on the highway has their issues, and those are not mine is being kind to myself.
    • Responding courteously to anger keeps me calmer and may defuse a tense situation.
    • Keeping my mouth shut when I want to lash out!
  • We read from Al-Anon literature:
  • And from a couple of articles from Psychology Today:

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