in the moment

A Walk in the Woods on a Snowy Day — 318

Saturday morning, I awoke to fresh snow. I had a fairly hectic and noisy time going to the gym, getting ready for the day, etc. Then I stepped out into a lovely, hushed silence. I decided I needed more of that, and later went to a nature area for a walk in the woods. I…

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Dancing with Dementia – Episode 161

How is living with alcoholism like living with dementia? Can I use what I have learned in one, with the other? The sermon was titled “Dancing with Dementia”. “What perfect timing!” I thought, as I was sitting down. This week I will be visiting my parents, who may or not have diagnosed dementia, but who are definitely…

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life is – a meditation

  life is a garden, not a road we enter and exit through the same gate wandering, where we go matters less than what we notice Bokonon — Life Is… A friend posted this to Facebook recently. I have heard many times that “life is about the journey, not the destination”. Which says to me that…

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