Al-Anon Slips – Episode 191

What does it mean to relapse in Al-Anon? Have you had an Al-Anon slip? What did you do to recover?

  • What is a “slip”? Is it just another word for “relapse”?
  • What do you think an “Al-Anon slip” is?
    • How do you know if you’re having (or if you had) one?
    • In AA, it’s “obvious”, but in Al-Anon, it’s more subtle.
  • What kinds of slips can you identify?
    • Controlling
    • Enabling
    • Emotional
    • Making another person your HP
  • Relate a story about a slip you had
    • A big one?
    • A little one?
  • How did it feel the same as before recovery?
  • How did it feel different?
  • What program tools did you use to recover from your slip?
  • How do you / can you detect that a slip is imminent and what can you do to prevent it?
    • What tools/slogans help?

Upcoming topics include obsessive thinking. How does your obsession with others behavior (such as drinking) make your life unmanageable? Please call us at 734-707-8795 or email with your questions or experience, strength and hope. Or just leave a comment right here.

In response to a listener question, we suggested episode 78: Stay or Go?
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Communication – Episode 56

siblingsDo you have trouble communicating your needs and feelings to your loved ones? Do your attempts to ask for what you want always degenerate into an argument? How have you learned to communicate better in this program? Today, Spencer, Maria and guest host Meishia talk about Communication.

We started with this list of questions.

How did you communicate in your relationships before you came to the program?
What special challenges to communication have you faced/seen in alcoholic relationships?
Which of these communication skills did you have then / do you have now? Listening attentively and openly. Stating your needs clearly. Using “I” statements.
Which of these communication problems did you have then / have you reduced or eliminated? Accusatory or judgemental statements. Expecting others to “read your mind”. Emotional reaction. Escalation to argument or fight
What are “I” statements?  Why would you want to use them? How can they help to enhance communication and avoid emotional escalation?
Are you aware of the non-verbal signals you send?

A well-written contribution from Adrienne sparked our conversation, and we just rolled on from there.

Our topic for next week is face to face meetings – why are they important? Please call us at 734-707-8795 or email with your questions or experience, strength and hope. Or just leave a comment right here.
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