strength – a meditation

  Out of your vulnerabilities will come your strength. Sigmund Freud I have a fear of showing my weaknesses. I have a fear of letting others know when I have been less than perfect. I fear that my flaws will set me apart as “less than” and verify that I am not good enough. But…

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selfishness – a meditation

  It is not selfish to live the life you want to live, it is selfish to tell others to live the life you want them to live. – Oscar Wilde   I am often afraid to live my own life. I am afraid of the consequences. I am afraid I will be shown to…

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truth – a meditation

  I did it selfishly because I didn’t want to live in pain, anymore. It’s funny, when you do something from a place of truth…it works out where it is the right thing for a lot of other people as well. Ellen DeGeneres It is interesting what I feel is selfish and what I feel…

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