Powerlessness – Pilot episode 2

[Powerlessness over the sunrise]

Swetha leads a discussion of powerlessness. We talk about how we understood it (or didn't) before coming to the program and how we understand it now.  Each of us discusses situations in which we feel powerlessness and how we recognize it. Kelli says that sometimes recognizing powerlessness can give her power. How can that work? Listen and find out.

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Open Talk – Ajit S

Ajit S speaking at the All-Texas Al-Anon Alateen Convention in Austin, TX in 2003.

I love his sense of humor.




Faith consists in believing when it is beyond the power of reason to believe.


Coming to my first meeting was an act of faith. I had no idea how it could help, but everything else I had tried was not working. I felt better at the end of the meeting. I did not know why. I could not explain it. But I continued to have faith in the process,  I followed the steps, did what I heard from others, just took it on faith. And I got better. The situation that brought me to my knees did not get better right away, but I did.

A meditation for December 14, 2012

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