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We'd love to hear from you. Please contact us and join our conversation by phone, voice message, or email.

You can call and leave a voice mail: 734-707-8795. You can leave a message up to 3 minutes long. And of course you can call back and leave more!

You can send a voice message, up to 90 seconds long, directly from your computer:
send a voice message.

Record your sharing using your smart phone “voice memo” app, and email it to us.

Send email (text or voice) to

If you prefer that we do not play or read your message into the podcast, please say so.

Be a guest host!

You can also be a guest host on The Recovery Show. Contact us by emailing if you are interested.

  • We can have a short conversation about a topic, to be included as part of a full episode. Typically, this takes 20-30 minutes.
  • You can record a “share” using your computer or smart phone and email it.
  • We can record a full episode with you as guest host, which will take about 2 hours.
  • You can even propose a topic and lead the discussion if you would like.

Several participation options are available via phone, Skype, Apple FaceTime, etc. If you live in southeastern Michigan, you could join us in the studio. Michigan is in the Eastern time zone of the United States, which is GMT – 5 hours in the winter and GMT – 4 in the summer. We have recorded episodes as early as 7AM (0700) and as late as 9PM (2100), with co-hosts in Europe and across the US.

The Recovery Show is pre-recorded and edited before posting to the internet. Several guests have remarked that they feel more confident knowing that they can correct something they said or have it removed from the episode. As a guest, you will get a copy of the “script” for the show, and can (of course!) contribute your own ideas, readings, questions, and musical selections to that script. Please read our guide for guest hosts.

Please consider being a guest host. Whether you have been in recovery for only a few months, or for a few decades, you have something to contribute and experience that can help others in their own recovery.