A new look

You have probably noticed that The Recovery Show looks different. I’m not completely happy with the new look, but it is more usable on a smartphone than it used to be, and that makes Google happy. The site had been “down ranked” by Google because it was not “mobile accessible.”

The current look is a compromise. I am still looking for a WordPress theme that is mobile ready and has all the features that I want. Because this theme pushes the “sidebar” info to the bottom on a phone, I have added a Contact Us page into the menu at the top of the screen. Click or tap on it to find the phone number, email address, etc.

What does it mean to “work” the steps?

The topic of our next episode, number 79, is What does it mean to “work” the steps? Please share your experience, strength, and hope about this question by sending email to feedback@therecoveryshow.com, by calling our voice mail number 734-707-8795, or by using the voicemail button at the right.

Here are some thought questions that you can use as prompts for your sharing:

  • When you first heard the phrase “work the steps”, what did you think it meant?
  • Have you worked the steps once? More than once?
    • If more than once, how did your understanding of “working the steps” change?
    • How did you work the steps? From a book? With a sponsor? As part of a group?
  • Some steps have clear actions in them (“took an inventory”, “made a list”), and some do not (“came to believe”, “became entirely ready”).
    • Would you say that some steps are “action steps” and some are not?
    • Or, do you believe that all the steps have actions in them?
  • If you are a sponsor, how do you guide your sponsees in working the steps?


Recording Episode 76 – Loss – Live

We will be recording Episode 76 – Loss, live on Sunday, June 8 starting at 2PM EDT (which is 18 GMT). Please join us using this “listen live” link (also in the right sidebar). If you are on an iPhone, iPad or iPod, you will need to install the Mixlr app, then search in it for “The Recovery Show.” Once you have found us, you can click or tap on “Follow” so you don’t have to search again (you will need to create a Mixlr account to follow us).  If you want, you can have Mixlr send you notifications when we go online, after you follow us.

Relapse — What is your experience?

vultureAs we prepare for our episode about relapse, I am writing to ask you to share your experience, strength, and hope. The disease of alcoholism and addiction is chronic, progressive, and eventually fatal. Relapse does not have to be part of the disease, but it is frequently part of the process. As friends and family members, many of us have experienced the relapse of a loved one from a period of sobriety, sometimes short, sometimes long and full of recovery. How did and how do we respond and react when a loved one relapses? What is our understanding of relapse? It is often a process in which picking up the drink or drug is the last stage. How can we support ourselves and our loved ones in relapse? And, sometimes, we relapse back to our old behavior. What is an “Al-Anon relapse”? Have you had one? What was it like, and how did you get out of it?

Please call 734-707-8795, use the voicemail button to the right, or email feedback@therecoveryshow.com with your experience, thoughts, and questions. Thank you.