Gratitude – Episode 19

How do we feel gratitude? Can gratitude help get you through a hard time? Is it something you can choose? Does finding gratitude make your problems go away? What is an “Attitude of Gratitude”?

Special guest hosts Kate and Patrick join Swetha and Spencer to talk about these questions, and about their experience finding gratitude, using gratitude as a tool, and sometimes needing help to see any reason to be grateful. Gratitude is not our natural way of thinking, it is something we have had to learn to cultivate. We agree that gratitude can be used as an action, as a process, in the sense of “acting our way to right thinking.” Gratitude doesn’t necessarily solve our problems, but when the major problem is in ourselves, rather than outside, holding an attitude of gratitude can be a big help.

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Step 4 – doing the inventory – Episode 18

Step 4 states “[We] took a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves.” What were our first impressions? What did we fear? What did we find? What was our experience of working Step 4? How has it enhanced our lives? Kelli, Erika, and Spencer talk about our experience, strength, and hope around Step 4.

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fear the fall – a meditation



nobody fears the height,
you all just fear the fall,
go to the edge sometimes, and
prove your body wrong.

Dessa — The Crow


A friend writes:

One of the most powerful lines from this, for me, is at the end, where Dessa says “nobody fears the height, you all just fear the fall, go to the edge sometimes, and prove your body wrong.” Working through my 4th step had a lot of fear involved – I was fearful of admitting my wrongs, sharing them, and in a lot of ways, fearful of the promise of moving beyond these faults at some point, since I had gotten along this far with them (albeit a midst a notable amount of chaos and pain). The message I hear in this song, is that great things can come when we work past our fears. The program softens the blow, reminding me that I can take my time with the steps, and that change does not have to be this huge impending force, or surmounting hurdle, or big scary fall. It can happen through my HPs loving plan- a plan better than what I had planned for myself, and a plan that will not place more on my shoulders than I am able to carry.

A meditation for April 7, 2013.

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Asking for Help – Episode 15

We talk about asking for help. When we came in, we did not have experience asking for help in a healthy way. We didn’t want to impose on people we barely knew, we still thought we could do it ourselves. How did we come to understand that reaching out was not weakness, that others gained as much as we did by being asked, and that asking for help did not mean giving up? How do we feel and respond when someone asks us for help and support?

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everyone – a meditation



Everyone you will ever meet knows something that you don’t.

– Bill Nye, the Science Guy

I used to think that I had to have the answers for every problem in my life. I used to think that I had to fix everything and everybody around me, by myself. I used to think that asking for help showed weakness.

I have learned that others often have a better answer than I ever think of. I have learned that it is not my responsibility, nor within my ability to fix everyone and everything. I have learned that asking for help shows strength. Sometimes, it is not that you are smarter, more knowledgeable, or more capable than me. It is just that you are not me. You have a different perspective, you see things in a different way, you have different life experience to draw upon, and you definitely know something that I don't. I can only gain from asking you for help.

A meditation for March 14, 2013.

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