About The Recovery Show

We explore recovery through a 12-step lens. We share our experiences loving alcoholics, growing up with addicted parents, or trying to deal with lovers and friends afflicted by the diseases of addiction and alcoholism. We talk about the solutions that we have found, that have helped us to enjoy happier, more serene, more stable and centered lives.

Most of us have experienced recovery from the effects of other people’s drinking and drugging, through the Al-Anon program. This is not an Al-Anon podcast, but we will talk about what we have experienced and learned through our participation in Al-Anon.

Who is listening, where?

We’ve been asked how many people listen to The Recovery Show. The answer to that question is actually hard to know. We have statistics on how many times each episode is downloaded, but because some of you listen to the same episode more than once, that number doesn’t measure the number of listeners. That said, as of May, 2017, a typical episode has 5,000 to 7,000 downloads, and an estimated 4,000 listeners. Since the Recovery Show started in December, 2012, our listeners (you) have downloaded episodes over 1.5 Million times!

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