Leadership – Episode 128

hope through adversityWhat makes you a leader? How do you divide leadership and management? Can you set clear boundaries between your and others’ responsibilities? Spencer and Akilah talk about Concepts 8, 9, and 10, which address these concerns and others.

Concept 8: “The Board of Trustees delegates full authority for routine management of Al-Anon Headquarters to its executive committees.”

  • How does this concept provide for consistent management of a largely voluntary, highly distributed, global organization?
  • How do I delegate tasks in my personal life? In my work life?
  • Once I delegate a task, am I willing to trust the results?
  • How does this concept remind me to focus on my priorities and invest my efforts for the greatest results?
  • How has fear of asking for help limited my ability to focus on priorities?

Concept 9: “Good personal leadership at all service levels is a necessity. In the field of world service the Board of Trustees assumes the primary leadership.”

  • What is “good personal leadership”?
  • What is the distinction between leadership and management?
  • What expectations do I have of a good leader?
  • How have I served as a leader?
  • What leadership qualities do I have? Which ones would I like to develop?
  • How can putting the focus on myself help me to take on a positive leadership role with others?
  • Am I hesitant to be a leader? Why or why not?
  • What does it mean to have vision? How can I share my vision?

Concept 10: “Service responsibility is balanced by carefully defined service authority and double-headed management is avoided.”

  • Is service responsibility carefully defined in my Al-Anon group?
  • … in my family?
  • … at my job?
  • When have I assumed responsibilities that are not mine?
  • How can I encourage balanced responsibility.
  • What is double-headed management? Why do we want to avoid it?
  • Am I involved in any double-headed management?
  • Am I involved in situations where one person has the responsibility, while a different person has the authority?
  • What kind of guidelines and definitions of a project would I find helpful before accepting a responsibility?

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2 comments on “Leadership – Episode 128

  1. Edward M says:

    Can anyone direct me to find concentrated information about double headed management?
    Thank you very much.

    1. The Recovery Show says:

      I found this short description in the AA “12, 12 and 12” (one link to a commentary on the concepts: http://1212and12.org/homework/concepts/1212and12_concept_10.pdf)

      A condition to be avoided at all costs is double-headed business or policy
      management. Authority can never be divided into equal halves. Nowhere
      does such split authority or double-headed management so bedevil a
      structure as in its executive departments.

      There is also a longer discussion of this concept in the books How Al-Anon Works, Paths to Recovery, and Reaching for Personal Freedom

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