Stay or Go? – Episode 78

DSC_5860Are you in a relationship with an alcoholic or addict? Have you ever thought, “My life would be so much easier without this person?” Have you wondered how you could ever leave them? Today, we have 4 personal stories from individuals who faced that hard question, Stay or Go?

Spencer starts with his experience. He struggled for years with that question. When he came into the program, he was grateful to hear that he should not make any big decisions in his first year. It took a couple of years and some hard work to decide to stay in his alcoholic marriage.

Ruth was in her relationship for a long time before she came to see that he was an alcoholic. She found Al-Anon then. After some more time, she realized that she could not continue in that relationship and made the hard decision to end it.

Jennifer has stayed with her alcoholic husband, so far. She has hope that he will find long-term sobriety, but fears for the effects of his drinking on their young children if he cannot.

Julia recently ended her relationship with her alcoholic boyfriend. She came to see that the relationship was not healthy for her, and that she could not stay.


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Music from the show

Tamia – Stranger in my House

Sarah MacLachlan– Fear

Bonus Video

I said I wouldn't play this in the episode, and I didn't. But I can't resist including it here! (Sorry for the earworm.)

The Clash – Should I Stay or Should I Go


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  1. Emma M says:

    I love this: “What is the healthiest thing for you” – Thank you!

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