Arbutus O’N – Speaker talk

Arbutus O'N  from Brownwood, TX speaking at the 3rd Anniversary Soberfest in Champaign, IL – October 9th 1993.

“My life continues to be unmanageable when I fail to practice the principles that were given to us by a society of ex-drunks …”

“There was one group of people … who never gave up on the alcoholics. … the families of alcoholics.”

Arbutus talks about her experience, strength and hope, of what life was like before Al-Anon existed, and how she found recovery in the “family groups” that became Al-Anon. This is a “must listen.” You can now subscribe to our speaker talks. See How To Listen and scroll to the bottom of the page for details.

1 comment on “Arbutus O’N – Speaker talk

  1. Jeremy says:

    Just incredible, the things this woman lived and fought through, and what she did it for.

    Another kind of historical one you may be interested in, and that you can find on YouTube, is a share “The Day That Dr. Bob died” by Bill Wilson.

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